Thanks Kennington

Our Treasure Hunt on the 13th raised £126.58 for the Oasis Foodbank. Thanks to the prize sponsors, Amici’s and the Cinema Museum, and to everyone who took part.

Here are a few photos.

Thanks also to DA and DA (weird coincidence) who did the scoring. To be honest  they missed a few points and gave a few points that should not have been given… Did not affect the result.

Also I created two impossible clues – a blurry photo that nobody could make out and an anagram ‘Eat Vein Street’ that should have become ‘Aveline Street’. Well done to the team who tried ‘Venetia Street’. If I ever become Prime Minister I pledge I will create a new street with this name.

I have tweeted a link to the answers but here it is again:

Cllr. Jon Davies – Prime Minister in waiting.


Exhibition at the foundry of unusual power and relevance

The Foundry, a centre for organisations working around human rights at 17 Oval Way SE11 5RR, has a lovely gallery open to the public. (The building itself is worth a visit).

A new exhibition opened on the 10th of July featuring work by Alison Lochhead called ‘Layered Memories of Conflict and Abandonment’.

If you like abstract art and challenging ideas pop along Open 9-5 weekdays.

New business in the area – a breath of fresh air?

I was wandering around the railway arches near Black Prince Road on another errand last week when I chanced upon Matthew Quitter at London Electric Cars. The future does seem to be electric, at least according to him. If you have a beloved vintage car his company will rip out the petrol engine and replace it with an electric one! Fascinating. Those predictions of an electric vehicle future seem to be coming true. I wonder if this is what the transition from horses to motor vehicles felt like?

If you have a beloved vehicle, want to save the planet (a bit), and have a healthy bank balance get in touch with him.

07966 806 727
Cllr. Jon Davies

…the children lived happily ever after…

We hope so – after the mega mess earlier this year of children being prevented from sharing play space on a housing development this afternoon peace, sun, bouncy castles and free ice cream broke out on Lollard Street  with families from both parts of the development enjoying the sunshine and letting their kids get wet and exhausted.

Lessons have been learnt (we hope) and thanks to some spirited parent action other developers might not make a similar mistake on new schemes.

These two photos don’t do any justice to how much fun everyone was having – well done all the organisers and thanks to Henley Homes for picking up the tab. Christmas party next?

Cllr. Jon Davies.

Saturday 13th Our treasure hunt

On Saturday the 13th our treasure hunt in aid of Oasis Foodbank will be starting at 5 from outside the Prince of Wales in Cleaver Square and finishing at 7.

Great prizes on offer including £25 for a meal at Amici’s and tickets to films of your choice at the Cinema Museum

Enter as individuals or teams and wear comfy shoesthis is one contest you can’t win with a mobile phone and Wikipedia.

Screenshot 2019-07-04 at 10.42.43

Cllrs. Amos, Davies and Simpson.

Tesco – putting its profits first…

Some of you make have got this from Tesco in the last day or so:

Despite trying to get more information this is all we have. Talking to the local management, who are doing their best, it appears that the ‘temporary ‘ store (18 months to two years at current estimates) will be smaller to an extent that will be noticeable.

Plans to have an hourly bus to the Brixton store during the closure don’t seem to have come to anything. I hope to be proved wrong.

The Pharmacist confirmed that he will be ‘open’, as by law he has to be, but he told me customers will have to ring a bell to get in. Hmm.

Meantime instead of setting up the temporary store for an instant transfer it feels to me that Tesco Head Office would rather save money on shop fittings and ignore any inconvenience this might cause local people.

I’d like to say ‘thanks’ on your behalf to the staff who have been there for us and so cheerful for so long. Sadly those were the ones who have been made redundant and I will miss those familiar faces.

Cllr. Jon Davies

PS If you remain more loyal to Tesco (than they are perhaps to you) the Brixton Store on Acre Lane is easiest to get to.

Archbishop Sumner’s saving the planet!

A great message for us all from the children of Archbishop Sumner’s Primary School this afternoon who paraded around the streets making the case for protecting our environment. Each class had its own theme, CO2, Polar Bears, Bees or better transport! Hope for the future?

Well done everyone and happy retirement to  Ursula Ovenden who leaves at the end of term and will be a very hard act to follow!

Cllr. Jon Davies.

Councillor’s Treasure Hunt Challenge

Councillor’s Treasure Hunt

Saturday July 13th


Cleaver Square

In aid of Oasis Foodbank.

How well do you know Kennington?

On Saturday 13th July we are holding a local Treasure Hunt to test your knowledge and raise some cash for our local foodbank.

The hunt will start at 5pm from Cleaver Square and will involve visiting the locality and not just on your smartphones. Results will be announced at about 7pm outside the Prince of Wales.

Entry £2 per person – teams of up to 4 may compete.  Please sign up in advance so we know how many to expect.  Email

There will be prizes and certificates!

As a taster here is one challenge to get you thinking.

Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 08.56.02


Tackling ASB in Princes Ward


Working with my colleague from the Police Kay Kovacs I am seen here explaining the scope of the Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) last summer in the ward. I’d be happy to repeat the presentation to any local group.

ASB can mean a lot of things from littering to threats of violence but have one thing in common – they make people unhappy.

Residents told of big noisy parties, drug misuse, mopeds riding around the estate at all times of the day and night, drug dealing in full sight and the use of the estate as an open toilet by people coming out of night clubs or attending events in the area.

Cllr. Amos and myself listened as residents described issues they face from day to day. Council officers were also on hand to explain what they could offer and there were a few surprises.

There was general agreement that we needed more services for bored young people and Alford House and the Black Prince Trust were praised for their work.

There are no magic solutions but we hope this meeting will be a first step to local people feeling better able to use the service that exist and to that end Kay and Zoe, one of our local housing officers, will be working to provide a simple one page guide that can be shared with all local residents.

Cllr Jon Davies

Tesco two – every little helps…

OK so a suggestion Tesco from a couple of local people…

Instead of closing altogether for three weeks why not keep a part of the old store open or open a bit of the new one in advance to sell the main things we need – milk, bread, fruit veg, chocolate?

If you think this is a good idea email the Tesco boss:

Liked this comment:

Tesco are behaving appallingly about this whole development. Their lack of communication is shocking. All our lovely friendly ladies and gents we have made friends with over the years have been made redundant and this will affect the socially isolated people in the community.

Tesco response:

Thank you for taking the time to write to Dave.
We have received your email and will be in touch soon.