Creating the “Tranquil Triangle”

One local resident of Brook Drive has uploaded this amazing video showing what a rat-run Brook Drive has become. It is only a few seconds but is truly unpleasant!



Why is this happening? Largely because, we think satnavs are making Brook Drive and Dante Road the route of choice for drivers coming from Westminster towards Walworth Road.

David Amos and Jon Davies have been working with local residents over the last year to try and find solutions to this problem. So far they have ensured that the width restriction on Brook Drive and the warning signs are being replaced (having mysteriously disappeared or been vandalised). David has also worked with Southwark Council, who border Brook Drive to get an experimental closure of Dante Road.

So far so good but Satnavs are sneaky old things and our worry is that traffic might just get re-diverted along  Wincott Street, Gilbert Road and Renfrew Road.

So local residents working with David and Jon are campaigning for a Tranquil Triangle (imagine a shape bounded by Kennington Road, Lambeth Road, St.George’s Road, Newington Butts and Kennington Lane. This might well mean some more traffic
management but we are open to suggestions and planning ahead.

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