New homes for the retired

By Jon Davies – Labour candidate for Princes Ward.

Cllr David Amos and I visited a newly built set of homes for the retired in a location you might not have guessed.  ‘Bankhouse’ is at 20 Albert Embankment, just next to the Park Plaza Hotel. The building is specifically designed to be a ‘Senior Living’ space with a shared dining hall, laundry, TV room and two sky gardens.

IMG_5981Being where it is the flats are not cheap, a small one bedroom costing £632,500, but around a quarter of the flats are allocated by Lambeth Council and rented at council rental levels. To be accurate Councillor Meldrum informs me “It’s extra care so you get a tenancy via Social Services . It’s rented housing for people with social care needs.”

We met Jason the general manager and we were pleased to hear that Bankhouse has been committed to paying the London Living Wage and employing local people.

The flats are designed for the older citizen with large bathrooms with walk-in showers. Each resident gets daily visits from a carer, communal dinners, film shows and they are planning regular trips out.  There is a guest flat for visiting family and friends. It can be described as half way between a care home and completely independent living.


Many have views of the river although I preferred the ones of the Waterloo mainline and Princes Ward.


David said ‘I looked like I was holding the building up’ in this picture but I like it and I’m writing the piece!


There are still flats available to buy (through shared ownership) and the council is quickly nominating people from its lists.

I look forward to visiting again to see how it works out, it could become a real community and a model for the future/

If you are interested or know someone who is contact Jason on 0344 899 3963 or visit the site

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