Timely play at The White Bear


This may be of special interest given the headlines on internet privacy .

THE OLD ROOM by William Stanton
Theft of privacy, eavesdropping and cyber attacks. And that’s in public. Cambridge Analytica used 50million people’s private data to influence an election. The US government takes data from the whole world.
24 April to 12 May 2018 at White Bear Theatre, Kennington Park Road SE11 4DJ
Tuesday to Saturdays at 7.30 pm Sundays matinee 4.00 pm
Tickets £16 (£12 concessions)
For Labour Party Members – ticket price £10.00 – please quote LABOUR when booking
Box Office http://www.whitebeartheatre.co.uk/WhatsOn/ The-Old- Room No booking fee for online bookings.
The Old Room is a bar where people meet, sometimes   by accident. It’s also a memory of a pl ace in Prague where Sam used to go when he worked at the British Embassy; a place where there was desire, betrayal and a honey trap. Now Sam works in cyber security helping to fend off attacks on people like 4C, a political lobbying organisation.
‘Is that why you try to hide your cyber footprint?’ ‘The only way to do that is not to use email, Skype or social media, to have a pay-as- you-go phone and switch it off when you’re not using it’.

For more information and trailer on the productio n please also do visit our CrowdFunder –where for a tiny extra investment, there are some cool rewards for our pledgers including a detailed privacy assessment from our very open spook, which is so very pertinent with recent news re Facebook and Cambridge Analytica .

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