Great event at Lilian Baylis


Cllr. Jon Davies writes:

There are some times when it is great to be a councillor. For instance David Amos loves judging dog shows but my experience this morning was more human and humanitarian. Year 9 at Lilian Baylis as part of their studies have been working with three UK charities.

This morning they competed to promote those charities with presentations, poems, videos and drama.  I was invited to be on  a panel of three and choosing a winner was very tough.

In the end we had to select only one and so the runners up, Refuge, the charity that supports victims of domestic violence and The Fawcett society that has a long history of campaigning for women’s equality lost out to Lambeth Young Carers.

The whole event was inspirational, demonstrating that if our future is in the hands of these young people we can all feel optimistic.


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