Recycling the cycles


One continual problem for Lambeth is the number of abandoned bike and bits of bikes. They clutter up the cycle parking,  make our streets look ugly and can be a danger to passing pedestrians.

I went out this morning with Scott and Bradley who showed Paul Bird, one of our Environment Performance & Development Officers, and me exactly how easy it is to remove the bikes (given the right tools) and how many abandoned bikes there are.

The bikes are re-cycled through projects that strip them down and re-build them.

Scott and Bradley who also tackle graffiti and house clearances amongst many other things, are amazed at how some people abandon really valuable bikes.

If you know of a derelict cycle that needs removing let me know or contact Lambeth directly.

Here is the link

And this is how many bikes they found in one session in North Lambeth!


Cllr Jon Davies

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