Tranquil Triangle – locals speak out

IMG_0737I was pleased to be asked by local residents to chair a meeting to discuss their plans for a ‘Tranquil Triangle’. In plain terms a traffic managed area roughly between Brook Drive, Kennington Lane and Kennington Road.

There was a turn out that filled the Archbishop Sumner’s School hall. Quite an achievement on a sunny night with football competing for everyone’s attention.

Paul from the local resident’s group explained that there had been a car rat-running problem for some years . Now with the experimental closure by Southwark of Dante Road to protect residents of Brook Drive, this was almost certain to get worse as SatNavs are sending short-cutting cars and heavy vehicles through Renfrew Road, Gilbert Road, Reedworth Street and Wincott Street.

There was a real consensus that something needed to be done and that our own experimental closure on Renfew Road outside the old Court Tavern could be a good starting point.

Sadly as I write a motorcyclists is in hospital with serious injuries after a collision with one of the very vehicles we warned about, a dustcart from Westminster Council. David Amos had been told by the council that they would only use these backstreets in exceptional circumstances. This has not been the case as anyone living in the area knows.

The meting called upon Lambeth council to take account of the

  • Road safety issues
  • The number of children and schools in the area
  • The damage to air quality
  • The intrusion on people’s home lives through noise  arguing motorists and speeding vehicles.

Cllrs. Amos and myself welcome all ideas and will be working to get some tranquility into this triangle.

Jon Davies


2 thoughts on “Tranquil Triangle – locals speak out

  1. As a resident of Austral Street SE11 I warmly welcome and fully support the Tranquil Triangle traffic calming project.

    It is critical that our local streets are made safe for residents and their families and cyclists that travel through this area. We want to live in a Healthy Neighbourhood and are happy to be pushing this forward as a pioneering community-led initiative.

    One of our main arteries, Brook Drive, is not a pedestrian or cycle friendly environment. Each side of Brook Drive, to the west are generally fully parked up with cars. This makes it dangerous fro pedestrians to cross the road or even find location where you can actually physically cross. This makes it dangerous in particular for vulnerable elderly people (many of which live on Brook Drive), and young children.

    The carriageway is also too narrow for two-way traffic. This creates regular incidents of road rage and aggressive driving as motor vehicles attempt to pass each other – I would suggest if a survey was carried out you would see an incident everyday. Also when deliveries are made the road becomes totally blocked as there a no free parking bays for loading.

    The congestion along this road creates an incredibly unwelcoming and unsafe environment for cyclist, who are often squeezed off the road or receive regular abuse from car/van drivers.

    Since the TFL works at the ‘Elephant’ the traffic along Brook Drive has become significantly more frequent and all through the day and night. There have been occasions that I have observed, where cars have been queuing from Kennington Road to get into Brook Drive.

    The area includes various schools, NHS homes and Sheltered Housing and large families. What we need is an intelligent joined up, safer, legible, less polluting traffic strategy for our area as the population is set to increase significantly at the ‘Elephant’ end of Brook Drive – 6000 new residents over the next few years. Its important that Lambeth and Southwark come together to help enable a modern transport strategy. Both councils need to give there full support to ‘Tranquil Triangle’.


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