Our best wishes for 2019

Councillors David Amos, Joanne Simpson and myself would like to wish you a happy and peaceful 2019 (whatever the Brexit decision ends up being).

As you local councillors we have a lot of day-to-day contact with constituents and the local movers and shakers but behind the scenes we do our best to serve everyone in Princes Ward.

For example since the May council elections we have:

  • Made 269 enquiries to the council on behalf of local residents (probably the most of any ward team but hey who’s counting?)  This includes housing repairs, damage to the roads, removing graffiti, parking issues and enquiries about planning.
  • Published our weekly e-newsletter to a mailing list of around 3000 people – if you don’t subscribe let us know. And if you have events you want to share get them to us well in advance of our Friday publication day.
  • Attended the meetings of our local Tenants and Residents associations and as many local groups as we are invited to. We are happy to come and listen or speak.
  • Carried out regular walkabouts with council officers and the police.
  • Held open surgeries twice a month.

    1st Saturday (10-11am) at the Carmelita Centre

    3rd Wednesday (6-7pm) at the Durning Library

  • Carried out dozens of home visits.If you find getting to a surgery tricky we will come to you or phone you.
  • Continued to knock on doors to find out what people think.
  • Plus being on council-wide committees covering Scrutiny, Planning, The Living Wage and Corporate Parenting.

We get great satisfaction from doing all these things and thank you for electing us but if there is more that can be done let us know.

Jon Davies.

Out card

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