How do foodbanks work in Kennington?

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I was curious to find out how our local foodbank, operating out of 1 Kennington Road (The Oasis centre) works. Thanks to Rebekah Gibson and the volunteers for showing me round and answering my questions.

More details here:

Who can use them?

Anybody who is referred by a local doctor, school, children’s centre, social worker etc. People are given a voucher which can be exchanged for 3 days food and household supplies.

When are they open?

– Tuesday’s (1-2.30pm) at the Oasis Centre
– Friday’s (10am-midday) and Saturday’s (10am-midday) at the Oasis Centre

How do they get the donations?

The large box in Tescos on Kennington Lane and local churches and community organisations. You can also donate directly at the Oasis centre.

Who works there?

A dedicated band of volunteers work with Rebekah – If you want to help let her know.

What do they need most?

I asked them what they were always short of and the answers surprised me:

  • Size 5 and 6 Nappies
  • Washing powder
  • Shower gel
  • Hot chocolate
  • Rice
  • Toothbrushes
  • UHT milk

And they have enough baked beans to last quite a while!!!

So please try and donate some of the above the next time you are in Tescos or passing the Oasis and see if Princes Ward residents can make a real difference!

Cllr Jon Davies.

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