Kennington (quite) Cross meeting with Transport For London


After a bit of badgering and support from our Assembly Member Florence Eshalomi and her assistant Alice Prescott, local residents persuaded staff from Transport for London (TFL) to come and look at the increasingly worse traffic conditions at Kennigton Cross. The highlight was a mini demo by the movers and shakers of the future from Pelican Nursery but older hands were present too!


Local residents have three main issues (there are others):

Pedestrian and Cyclist conflict with queuing traffic

Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 17.13.30

Photo courtesy of kind local resident.

Hope you can make the point that lorries and buses stop across the crossing so you can’t see when you’ve got the green man. (Or, more correctly, person). Then you have to weave through the vehicles. It’s no good them saying “drivers aren’t supposed to do that” – they do! Local resident

Cars jumping red lights at speed and speed in general.



Two cars speeding through the red light on Kennington Lane.

The biggest problem is traffic on Kennington Road (and to a lesser extent Kennington Lane also) not respecting the speed limits (especially motorbikes) which is causing unnecessary noise and extra pollution. One of the easiest ways of resolving that in a time of tight budgets would be to install more speed cameras which will calm down the traffic and even generate a bit of extra revenue.  Local resident

Danger to cyclists crossing junction

All good stuff.  But don’t forget the humble cyclist!  My wife and I have been caught out a few times by the phasing of the lights. It’s a wide junction particularly on the Kennington Road axis.  Cycling north, and crossing at the last moments of green, halfway across we find traffic rushing towards us from Vauxhall…presumably because everyone sets off at amber these days.  Local resident

And if we need evidence – here it is from the nursery children – too many cars they concluded!


TFL have gone away to look at ways to sort this out: yellow boxes, different phases etc and we are planning another site visit for early May.

Thanks to Claire, David and Kieran from TFL for coming and everyone locally who turned up to show how much they cared especially the children from the nursery.

Cllr Jon Davies.

2 thoughts on “Kennington (quite) Cross meeting with Transport For London

  1. Motor traffic is far too fast across this junction. I’ve had a couple of terrifying incidents of multiple lanes of vehicles coming straight at me when I’m turning right northbound on a cycle. Turning right southbound also leaves cyclists stranded in the middle of the road amid high speed traffic.


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