Signal timings at Kennington Cross

This may interest you – just in from Claire at Transport For London:

“The signal timings at Kennington Cross junction operate using London’s SCOOT system. This technology optimises signal timings according to live on-street demand. Therefore the green timings below are an average of the junction operation. Following the concerns raised regarding blocking of crossing points, this junction has been included in the timing review programme for 2019/20. Therefore signal timings are likely to change in the coming months with the aim to address this issue. I hope this is helpful and do feel free to come back to me if I can be of any further help.”

Green Lengths Kennington Cross (seconds)
  AM Peak Off-Peak PM Peak
Kennington Lane EB 33-37 18-22 31-35
Kennington Lane WB 33-37 18-22 31-35
Kennington Road NB 16-20 11-16 18-22
Kennington Road SB 16-20 11-16 18-22
Pedestrian Green Man 6 6 6

Six seconds seems even shorter when you experience it.

And just let ME have a moan – some happy snaps of motorists who don’t respect the Advance Cycle Box.

Cllr Jon Davies

6 thoughts on “Signal timings at Kennington Cross

  1. Whilst I realise that cyclists can be their own worst enemy at this junction, the timings do not allow enough time between amber/red and a cyclist reaching a green man crossing (ie turning left – eastward – from Kennington Lane into Kennington Road). Also, the lane markings need to re-visited (perhaps with additional signage) to calrify to motorists that BOTH southbound carriageways of Kennington Lane are straight ahead: the number of cars turning left into cyclists (usually quite aggressively) mistakenly claiming nearside lane is left “only” is very high. Of course two into one on Kennington Lane doesn’t help.


  2. Jon, thank you for sharing this and it is good to know that the timings are being looked at. In addition, has anyone asked for cross-hatching to be put down on and around the pedestrian crossing areas, indicating that vehicles are not allowed to stop on those places, ever? in 17 years of walking across this awful junction, this issue is most concerning – especially during morning rush hour when drivers are keen to leap across the junction and remain static or roll forward on the pedestrian crossings – which is EXACTLY the time children, walking or out-front in prams with parents, are going to school in the morning. While these markings can be un-sightly I suspect they may now be necessary. Also, is the size/type of ‘refuge’ area in the middle of the road being considered too? These feel ‘insufficient’ and unsafe given the speed and density of traffic passing. Thoughts? Greg


    1. Hi Greg – apologies for delay in replying -yes we are into yellow cross hatchings and all of it is being thought about. Please come along to the next event if you can!

      In future use my email which I monitor all the time


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