Seen on the streets two public health issues

A rather neat Public Health message to parents outside Ethelred Nursery and Children’s Centre alerting them to the need to inoculate their children. We have forgotten very quickly how dangerous diseases like measles can be.

And a sign of changing times

Car charging point          Screenshot 2019-05-06 at 09.49.23

This is one of the new electric vehicle charging points that are appearing slowly but surely all over Lambeth. (Thanks JL for the photo)

Gone are the days when we could drive and park everywhere. Those who need their own transport will have to use cleaner vehicles if we aren’t all to choke on the fumes. In the suburbs where many people have front gardens and parking is easier electric cars can be charged from the home but in Central London it isn’t so simple. That is why we are providing kerbside charging. More details from Cllr. Claire Holland our lead on Environment and Clean Air.

If people use electric cars they need to know they can get them charged.

And on Kennington Lane and Kennington Park Road you may have seen these. They are electric charging points for London’s Black Cabs that are gradually being changed from Diesel.


With this and the Mayor’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, to be extended to the South Circular in October 2021, we may at last be in sight of clean air in Kennington.

Cllr. Jon  Davies

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