Business opportunity

If you are running a business in Lambeth there are great opportunities to find local apprentices, have their selection supported and have a tailored training programme provided. Lambeth school students perform above the national average and yet many find themselves struggling to find career pathways.

So Lambeth is working with LDN to support 100 local young people into enduring apprenticeships. They have a proven success rate both for the employers and the apprentices.

If you are looking for an apprenticeship or would like a couple of local movers and shakers to boost your business get in touch with LDN

Let there be light


After three years of battling away this lonely and unclaimed lamp post on Cottington Street is now working again. Thanks to all the officers who eventually worked out how to achieve this (not easy) and a local resident TH whose powers of persuasion need to be experienced to be believed.

Cllr Jon Davies.

P.S. ULEZ (the zone to reduce vehicle pollution) may be the right thing for our health but it has affected custom at Miller’s Deli on Black Prince Road. Some frail customers who used to drive there won’t any more.  So if you have not experienced their amazing range of cheese, bread, fruit and veg etc now would be a good time to walk or cycle there.

Screenshot 2019-05-11 at 20.40.02.png

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