Kennington Cross latest

Thanks to everyone who turned up this afternoon at Kennington Cross for the second visit from Transport for London (TFL) traffic people Kieron Huntley and David McKenna. They were grilled by local residents including myself and Assembly Member Florence Eshalomi who as Chair of the Transport Committee at City Hall takes a particular interest in this aspect of her constituency.

The common issues remain:

  • Traffic blocking the junction making it difficult for pedestrians to cross
  • Uncomfortably short ‘green phases’ for pedestrians especially on the long crossing from the Church to the shops, and ‘
  • Cycle safety. One serious accident recently.

David explained that there had been some tweaking of the lights. The ‘cycle’ from the beginning of one green phase right through all the junction’s combinations to the next green phase, has been reduced from 95 to 80 seconds. The idea is that there would be freer flowing vehicles through the junction.  (See note 1) This was changed a week ago so early days yet. If you see the junction blocked grab a snap of it and send it to me with the date and time please.

So what did we agree?

  • David would share some ideas for improving the junction that have been thought about in the past for people to comment on. BUT no funding currently available for anything significant.
  • A meeting would be arranged with the signal engineers at TFL – date to be determined. I will let people know.
  • David would use the TFL computer to ‘model’ an extra 2 seconds green phase on the junction and see if that would be possible (See Note 2)

Watch this space – Cllr. Jon Davies.

PS David kindly gave me a little more detail which I share:

Note 1    The purpose of the cycle time reduction is to benefit pedestrians by reducing the maximum wait time and provide more opportunities to cross per hour; we are also assessing whether this reduces the probability of the crossings being blocked. Generally a reduction in the cycle time means there is less effective green time for traffic – so you may want to amend this.

Note 2    Regarding the duration of the green man, it is possible to model what the effects could be if this was implemented on street, but this will require modelling resource to be obtained for an investigation and currently there are many proposals across London awaiting assessment from our modellers. I will keep you updated, and we will be able to provide further information at the meeting to be arranged.

22nd May


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