Tackling ASB in Princes Ward


Working with my colleague from the Police Kay Kovacs I am seen here explaining the scope of the Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) last summer in the ward. I’d be happy to repeat the presentation to any local group.

ASB can mean a lot of things from littering to threats of violence but have one thing in common – they make people unhappy.

Residents told of big noisy parties, drug misuse, mopeds riding around the estate at all times of the day and night, drug dealing in full sight and the use of the estate as an open toilet by people coming out of night clubs or attending events in the area.

Cllr. Amos and myself listened as residents described issues they face from day to day. Council officers were also on hand to explain what they could offer and there were a few surprises.

There was general agreement that we needed more services for bored young people and Alford House and the Black Prince Trust were praised for their work.

There are no magic solutions but we hope this meeting will be a first step to local people feeling better able to use the service that exist and to that end Kay and Zoe, one of our local housing officers, will be working to provide a simple one page guide that can be shared with all local residents.

Cllr Jon Davies

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