Thanks Kennington

Our Treasure Hunt on the 13th raised £126.58 for the Oasis Foodbank. Thanks to the prize sponsors, Amici’s and the Cinema Museum, and to everyone who took part.

Here are a few photos.

Thanks also to DA and DA (weird coincidence) who did the scoring. To be honest  they missed a few points and gave a few points that should not have been given… Did not affect the result.

Also I created two impossible clues – a blurry photo that nobody could make out and an anagram ‘Eat Vein Street’ that should have become ‘Aveline Street’. Well done to the team who tried ‘Venetia Street’. If I ever become Prime Minister I pledge I will create a new street with this name.

I have tweeted a link to the answers but here it is again:

Cllr. Jon Davies – Prime Minister in waiting.

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