Saving lives – but not as expected…

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From Cllr. Jon Davies

The experimental traffic barrier on Dante Road, now celebrating its first birthday, was expected to calm traffic on Dante Road and Brook Drive and prevent accidents. Although highly controversial at first it seems to have settled down although one incident of it being illegally opened was reported last week. However here is a report from a local constituent that I put down to heat-induced road rage but thought-provoking nonetheless:

I thought you may be interested to hear that the Dante Road vehicle filter is officially now a lifesaving piece of equipment.

Last night around 10.30pm, an angry driver attempted to run over a cyclist whom he appears to have had a disagreement with. Myself and many other residents of the flats in Dante Road, upon hearing wheel screeching and angry shouting outside on our usually quiet road, went outside to investigate.

We saw a car being driven at high speed towards a cyclist, who had filtered through the barrier to prevent the car reaching him. The driver shouted at the cyclist but could not reach him due to the barrier at the Brook Drive end of Dante Road. I have no doubt that the cyclist was in danger of being injured by this driver had the barrier not been there, and for that reason I am very glad that it is there, that the cyclist is safe, and I hope that the barrier remains in place for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “Saving lives – but not as expected…

  1. As well as seeing the gate opened by tradesmen on several occasions presumably without permission, there have been a number of times that I have witnessed vehicles circumventing the gate simply by mounting the pavement on either side in large SUVs. It may have calmed some of the traffic but is not entirely successful and still is questionably unsafe.


    1. I dont suppose any traffic management is ever 100% successful and this one has certainly displaced traffic onto other roads…bottom line fewer motor journeys?


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