The future’s looking a bit dimmer for the residents of Whitgift House

On Saturday Cllr Amos and I, accompanied by local resident Visakha Chandrasekera, visited residents of Whitgift House, one of the properties affected by the proposals to develop the 8 Albert Embankment/Fire station site (see previous posts).

Thanks to everyone who was so hospitable despite being a bit sleepy or on their way to the shops etc.

I am not a technical genius but here are some photos that I changed to give some idea of how these homes will be affected if big tower blocks are built close-by. Cllr Amos and I support calls for the size of the scheme to be reduced.


More worrying is the effect this will  have on the indoor daylight available. These flats all have their living rooms and main bedrooms facing the proposed site of the new blocks. Figures obtained by the local resident’s group indicate that the loss of light will be significant.

This is how bright one room is at the height of summer on a sunny day – imagine if it was to lose another 30%+ of its daylight? These pictures are not scientific, unlike the surveys that are bing carried out, but we are very concerned that this new scheme is taking little account of existing residents.

To learn more about the scheme go to our previous blog.

Cllr. Jon Davies


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