Rumours will start…

Princesa out card

This is our new ‘Out’ card – watch out for it in a letterbox near you.

I’d like to report one charming exchange yesterday while I was talking to a mum and dad watched on by their five year old daughter staring at the card:

5 Year Old :”Is that you in the picture mister?”

Me ‘Yes’.

She thought about this for a while working out why on earth I’d merit a picture and,  trying to put it into a context relevant to her view of the world…

5 Year old pointing at Cllr. Amos ‘Is that your husband?’

Sadly I had to shatter her view of this happy family (with Cllr Simpson as our lovely daughter maybe…)

It did make us all smile! A world a bit more tolerant and accepting. 🙂

Cllr Jon Davies

2 thoughts on “Rumours will start…

  1. What a lovely thing to happen and I wish we had more than this. My 17 year old son has come out as gay and we are all accepting of him and happy he was brought up in a household where tolerance was educated. What makes my wife and I very sad is he recently got verbally attacked in the Pleasure Gardens by some youths who tried to follow him home. He was so frightened and from neighbours in the ward this is a common occurrence in the Pleasure Gardens.


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