Keeping politics in the sewers

I made my second visit today to the Thames Tideway project.

Unless you work on the embankment by Vauxhall Bridge you may not be aware of the huge semi-submerged building site that has emerged. Two underground rivers from Brixton and Clapham are going to be diverted into a vast new sewer being tunnelled under the Thames by a giant machine called Urusla whi started at Battersea and is now on her way past Lambeth Bridge.

The scale of the project is huge with the intention of making the Thames as clean as possible by diverting all the overflows into the new giant sewer that follows the line if the Thames. At the moment every time it rains heavily raw sewage is pumped into the Thames owing to the lack of capacity in our Victorian system.

Last week it poured and take a look at what emerged by Charing Cross – – the area had to be sealed off. This was on its way to being a fatburg.

If you want to know more visit their website:  School visits to their HQ are welcomed.

Cllr. Jon Davies

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