Bus stops

I get regular complaints about bus stops where you can’t see the bus coming for obstructions. A recent post from a Lambeth officer that you might find interesting:

I have been to the bus stop and seen the sign that blocks views from the bus stop down Kennington Road. The sign is located between the two ladies and the cyclist in the image below. Although it is some distance from the bus stop, it is perfectly aligned to block long distance views from the bus stop shelter down Kennington Road. It does mean you can only really see buses from the bus stop shelter once they reach near to where the cyclist is in the image below.


Advertisement consent was granted for the sign in 1998 under application ref. 98/00955/ADV. Google streetview shows that the sign has been in place since at least 2008 (although it was probably installed long before then). From a planning perspective the sign is lawful, and on this basis the planning team could not insist that the sign is moved. I understand from highways colleagues that they do not have powers to insist the sign is moved either. 

This leaves the option of asking JCDecaux if they would kindly agree to move the sign, but this would need to be to a location that doesn’t interfere with highways safety. I imagine JCDecaux would want to resist because the current location is highly visible by passing pedestrians and traffic, and moving the sign would require them to obtain a new advertisement consent for the new location.

If anyone fancies approaching JCDexaux I’ll be there for you

Cllr Jon Davies

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