Life goes on in difficult times


Thank you Windmill Fish and Chips for staying open though it doesn’t look the same without the taxi drivers chomping through their meals.

What is Lambeth Council doing?

As a local council we have been doing our best to encourage and support local volunteer initiatives and keep as much ‘business as usual’ going.  This website lists everything in detail and is constantly being updated:

My ‘postbag’ this week has shown an extraordinary breadth of human reaction to the pandemic; at one end an elderly constituent offering herself for medical research ‘whatever the consequences’. At the other end people sitting on their balconies smoking  and refusing to move to allow people past despite all the ‘2 metre’ messages. They obviously don’t know that they may be more vulnerable as smokers and it could be in their own best interests.

If you want to volunteer please go to: to take part in this enormous community effort or local Mutual Aid groups here via Facebook

A few local thanks (too many to mention all):

  • The shops that are plugging on despite the risk to staff. Hills Pharmacy, for instance, has had to dramatically reduce its service as four of the staff have shown symptoms. All the best Kar Man and colleagues.
  • The Princes Ward Mutual Aid group – offering support to vulnerable neighbours that grew so quickly it has subdivided many times to cover individual estates and streets.
  • The refuse and street cleaning service who are doing a great job and helping keep us all healthy. It seems like a lot of us are Spring Cleaning and that is adding to the pressure.
  • The postmen and women who despite the personal risks are out there delivering what I heard are a record number of items.
  • Local community groups, faith groups, Tenant’s and Resident’s Associations who have turned their attention to supporting our their neighbours.
  • My neighbours who carried some heavy stuff for me (at a two metre distance).
  • Plus of course all  those in the NHS including my colleague David Amos who, given the hours he is doing, is in danger of forgetting where he lives. His newsletter will continue though.

For up-to-date information on all aspects of what the council and government are doing go to:

Cllr Jon Davies  on behalf of Cllrs Simpson and Amos

Stay at Home

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this cannot be done from home)
  • Stay 2metres (6ft) away from other people
  • Wash Hands as soon as you get home






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