Local heroes

I’d like to nominate some local heroes and would love to hear your choices  – email me them: jdavies4@lambeth.gov.uk

Firstly Hill’s Pharmacy who like all our local chemists is doing a vital job to keep us healthy. But Kar Man has four staff off with the virus and yet is still keeping a vital service going.

Screenshot 2020-04-04 at 19.16.36

Secondly the Garden Museum who are trying to bring a little happiness to their neighbours…

Cut Flowers from the Garden Musuem for Whitgift Estate Residents who are housebound

And thirdly, in what I hope will be a long list of similar examples our corner shops who have been looking after their ‘regulars’ and often struggling with staff shortages and the risk to their own health in small spaces – this is just one example (my local!)

Screenshot 2020-04-04 at 19.23.19

Tell us about your local heroes or acts of kindness.

Cllrs Amos, Davies and Simpson



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