Behind the scenes at the Black Prince Food hub.

I was really pleased to be invited to visit the six day a week food distribution hub operated by Lambeth Council, The Black Prince Trust, Brixton People’s Kitchen and a lot of volunteers.

It was inspirational to see such a coming together of people and institutions to support our most vulnerable, largely elderly , citizens during this pandemic.

Above, behind the mask, is Joe from Kennington who is one of the volunteers and on the right you’ll get some idea of the scale of the project that is delivering hundreds of food boxes (parcels is way too modest a word) to homes in Lambeth.

Each box contains dry goods, dairy goods (unless you are vegan) fresh fruit  and fresh veg. The supplies come from contracts Lambeth has made with New Covent Garden suppliers and others retailers and from donations.  The contents are carefully chosen and despatched promptly often through volunteer delivery people to endure freshness.

These photos will give you some idea how much careful thought (often inspired by the volunteers) goes into each box.

My thanks to Joe, Ruth, Surjit, Kemi, Tom. Sarah, Natash, Caroline, Cressida, Rebecca, Iain, Maisie, Jenna, Katrina, Rose, Michael, Conor, Joy, Martin, Matthew, Sylvie, Penny. Coco. Frankie, Claire, Amy. Sandra, John and anyone I’ve left out (sorry) particularly those working on security to keep the place safe.

And well done to Black Prince Trust for this initiative making sure period poverty becomes a thing of the past.

Cllr. Jon Davies and don’t forget for help call the Council Covid Line 0207 926 2999

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