Keeping us safe after lockdown

One of the challenges after lockdown will be travelling around. How to stay 2 metres from each other on busy and sometimes narrow pavements?

Lambeth was ahead of the curve on coming up with a transport strategy which was quickly emulated by Transport for London and then the Government.

It will involve temporary extensions of pavements and on back streets ‘modal filtering’ that will allow cars to reach their homes but rat-running will be prevented.

Here is an example being put forward by some local people to end the through traffic on Renfrew Road and in consequence Gilbert Road,  Wincott Street and Reedworth Street. It should help social distancing and if it proves popular locally can be made permanent later.

Tranquil Triangle-8779

Thanks to Crispin Hughes for the rough mock-up.  I am also suggesting we do something similar on Fitzalan Street by the park and entrance to Walnut Tree Walk.

If you have ideas you can put them on this map

And here is Lambeth’s overall policy that is proving so ground-breaking.

Cllr. Jon Davies


4 thoughts on “Keeping us safe after lockdown

  1. Dear Jon
    Can I ask why you would want to block Fitzalan St? As a resident in the old Baylis development we use Fitzalan St regularly for access to where we live. Blocking the road means yet further to drive to reach our home. There are so many circuitous routes that already have to be taken locally due to these misguided one way systems and dead ends. They already add to the traffic congestion in the area as everyone is forced to use the same main routes. Just observe the normal tailbacks from Elephant and Castle down Kennington Park Rd. Also with safety in mind we know that large delivery lorries and dustcarts will have to use these dead ends which means they must dangerously reverse back down roads or turn around on roads not built for such manoeuvres.
    How will these plans be put to local residents for objections before going ahead?



  2. Dear Jon,

    I’d like to know why a potential traffic barrier on Renfrew Road would be placed part-way up the road.
    This makes no sense!
    No other local scheme (to my knowledge) has a road closed in such a fashion.

    Two more realistic options exist. Either:

    a) place a barrier to block the road at the junction with Kennington Lane (similar to how Dante Road is blocked off with Newington Butts); or

    b) place a barrier at the junction with Gilbert Road and Wincott Street.

    The latter would be my preference as it closes the rat-run, limits traffic to only a small loop on Wincott and Reedworth Streets, and therefore, significantly reduces the number of vehicles that would pass Archbishop Sumner primary school.

    It also allows the residents of Gilbert and Renfrew Roads to have their own vehicles, deliveries, refuse collection, etc. reach their properties from Kennington Lane, which means no vehicles pass the school, and is more appropriate for residents’ access requirements.

    Dugard Way already sees a ‘natural’ congregation of vehicles and people.
    With the new development at Knight’s Walk and it’s planned vehicle access point *and* a traffic barrier all located at the same junction, this will exacerbate the noise and pollution well beyond what is already experienced here.

    Yes to the barrier, no to this proposed location.



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