Roadwork on Kennington Road and a tree in Walcot Square.

In case you wondered why Kennington Road is being dug up again a little over a year after the last time…

It’s to lay several more electric mains to serve the new developments at Vauxhall Cross. They are likely to be clear from Kennington Road this week and then will make their way to Vauxhall via Sancroft Street , Jonathan Street and Vauxhall Walk.

I asked why they had not thought ahead but it comes down to ‘costing too much to put in cables’ when the plans are not certain for the future. What a waste of time and what a lot of inconvenience.

Tree issue in Walcot Square

The Walcot Foundation believe that the large Cherry Tree in the square will have to come down as it is dangerous. They report the details here.

Thanks to everyone who brought it to our attention.

Cllr Jon Davies.

PS Has everyone done our Princes Ward under Covid survey yet?

If you have two minutes please fill in our questionnaire. Your answers will be confidential and anonymous. Here is the link:


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