Message from Stop The Blocks

Planning for The Future-Last few days to have your say

Urgent message

Stop the Blocks Community Action Group would like to send a gentle reminder that the public consultation on proposals for reform of the planning system in England closes at 11:45pm on Thursday 29th October 2020. 

These proposals could have a major influence on our local areas, community influence, design, sustainability, conservation areas, heritage assets and townscape. The proposed reforms include: 

  • How land will be allocated for developments that will then not have to go through the full planning process. 
  • Reshaping democratic accountability in planning decisions and the rights of residents to shape the area in which they live.
  • Ensuring developments happen in the right areas.
  • Setting design standards to keep with the style of existing properties.
  • Proposals for introducing a system of developer contributions to fund local infrastructure.
  • Making the planning systems simpler and faster
  • Designating land into one of three categories: for renewal, for growth and for protection. 

More details of the proposals and how you can give your feedback online, by email or in writing can be found here at

On behalf of Stop The Blocks from Cllr. Jon Davies

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