On the streets

A few small notes from my walkabout casework:

A small number of people see trees as something to train fighting dogs on. This kills the trees. It is a sad waste of money having to put fencing around them so if you see anyone abusing the trees in this way please let us or the police know.

And here is another, more positive, street scene…

Local volunteers planting bulbs and other plants to create some colour and variety for the coming months. Thanks.

And finally, Wickham Street on Vauxhall Gardens where the very broken up road has just been resurfaced much to the relief of many road users.

Cllr. Jon Davies on behalf of Princes Ward Cllrs. David Amos and Joanne Simpson.

2 thoughts on “On the streets

  1. Just need to get something done about the conifers ( trees )… when you go out of London they are regarded as no go when planted in gardens… they only allow them on farm Land as wind breaks …when they pop up where ground maintenance sees them their on you to get them removed as their roots are as wide as the tree is tall and play havoc with foundation’s, roads, gas pipes, and pavements … I have been asking for the ones in your photo to be removed when young about six years or so, VGERTA was willing to pay to remove…now they will cost a fortune to remove and get bigger by the year.

    When will Lambeth wake up to these trees that are classed as weeds by other boroughs.

    Kind regards


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    1. Hi – we hardly ever get comments on the blog so sorry to have missed this one. Something to debate I am sure. Lambeth is drafting a new tree strategy which I would hope would take your thoughts on board. Jon


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