Archbishop Sumner’s School Street starts at last!

After a few delays and nervous moments on my part the latest school street opened this morning to help protect the children of Archbishop Sumners and Hurley Pre-School during the morning and afternoon arrivals and departures.

Almost all the drivers affected were calm and understood why we are doing this and a lot of local people stopped to approve. The success of the school street will depend on common sense; if you are a blue badge holder or local resident you can use the street but please be careful. If you are looking for a short cut find another route.

Like all our measures to calm traffic during the pandemic this is a temporary measure that may or may not be altered or removed depending on its popularity and, most importantly, whether it works.

Head Teacher Taw Stagg wondering where all the traffic had gone.

One worry though is that the satnav’s are still directing cars down Wincott Street and Renfrew Road as a short cut. We hope TFL can get this changed.

If you have any thoughts about school streets let me know:

Cllr Jon Davies.

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