A few bits and pieces

The new Tesco – coming soon

Here are a few images from a sit visit I made last week to the Berkeley Homes / Tesco development AKA Oval Village. I went to see how things were going and feedback on local concerns about construction noise. The progress is quite impressive and, despite Covid, progress is up to expectations though at the sot of longer working hours and the extra local disturbance this causes.

This will be the New Tesco.-       
– Tesco Fit Out Start: April 21
–       Tesco Operational: September 21.
Smaller than the old one and I suspect narrower aisles but with big windows onto Kennington Lane which should make it light.

And a few other extracts from the works timetable:       

  • Blue Crane coming down: Apr 21
  • Block A (the one on Kennington Lane over the New Tesco) First Unit Completions (Both AH & PD): Autumn 2022 
  • The two gasholders demolished: Winter 2021

And here is how the flats above, most of which will be going to overseas purchasers, are developing:

If you have any questions contact James Young at Berkeley Homes. james.young@berkeleygroup.co.uk

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Kennington needs a new estate agent like…

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