Hurley Clinic fame at last!

Cllr. Jim Dixon, George Verghese GP and Cllr. Jon Davies try and look comfortable posing in their masks.

A lot of us will have recognised the Hurley Clinic on the news as one of the first surgeries to be offering the Covid vaccination.

On Tuesday I visited with fellow councillor Jim Dixon who leads for Lambeth on Health and Social Care. We met local GP George Verghese who has helped coordinate all the amazing backroom work that is offering us hope that this terrible disease can be controlled.

A few things we learnt:

If you have an allergy you may be asked to get the vaccine at a venue equipped to cope with a medical emergency (a hospital in effect) following a couple of bad reactions you may have read about on day one. These reactions have been very rare but safety first!

The Vaccine comes in two jabs, the second one three weeks after the first. Full protection comes a week after that.

The over eighties are the first in the queue but if they have a surplus of vaccine at the end of a session they are topping up with medical staff.

The vaccine is really sensitive to light, shaking about, and has to be kept at the right temperature then diluted for injection. So a really precise operation is needed that is involving doctors, nurses, pharmacists and all sort of people some of whom have escaped from their NHS desks to get involved.

The vast majority of people are happy to get the vaccine and attendance has been 100% which is wonderful.

The process takes about 45 minutes from start to finish and includes sitting down for 15minutes afterwards to check people are all right.

Yet again a reminder of how wonderful our NHS and the people who work in it is.

Jon Davies

PS If you want to know more about our visit read Jim’s account.

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