Jabbed and well jabbed

I am just back from getting my first of two vaccinations against Covid19. It was quick, well organised and painless (though there is likely to be some tenderness in the days to come as you’d expect if someone had just stuck a needle in your arm).

At the tender age of 66 I was amazed to get a text offering me an appointment. I had heard we were doing well in Lambeth but had resigned myself to waiting at least a couple of months. The app was simple enough and I received the reassurance of a reminder and confirmation.

I was sent to Montgomery Hall on the Oval and it was BUSY! Luckily the pouring rain had just stopped.

The whole process was run with clockwork efficiency – someone to greet you and check your time, the next person squeezing disinfectant gel into your hand – the next giving you a patient details form to fill in then people to take back the board, shepherd you into the large hall, point you at a stall and voila the jab! And constant friendliness and reassurance.

Unlike our youngest son who faints at the sight of a knitting needle I found the experience quite pleasant and, perhaps, the start of feeling a little bit safer although it will be three weeks before the full effects of the vaccine kick in.

After the jab we were asked to wait for fifteen minutes in case of any reactions and a woman of some energy gave us all a talk about what to expect next and the benefits we will enjoy principally not ending up in hospital.

And in the best tradition of rewarding good behaviour I got my certificate plus an information leaflet actually written in plain English.

My thanks to all the staff and volunteers who made this happen for me and thousands of other people in Lambeth. Please don’t hesitate to get vaccinated when you are called. It is safe, painless and will protect you, your loved ones and the NHS!

Cllr. Jon Davies

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