Great oaks…

The sharp eyed amongst you might have spotted this small plant box outside the Housing Office on Kennington Lane.

It is just the start of a plan to green the front of the housing office and all came from the work of the Greener Kennington volunteer group. I think it offers us hope and this is why…

I was receiving lots of complaints about parking in front of the office. The pavement was getting blocked and the paving was being broken up by the weight of the cars.

Wondering what I could do I expected a long gruelling struggle with all the many agencies that have a say on this. But miracles happen. The housing boss, Anna said it was a great idea to green it, three of the Greener Kennington volunteers, Charlie, Nicola and Richard met Muhem from housing to plan what was possible and Veolia, our refuse and street cleaning contractors provided a planter with soil to start things off. To add to the glory Jerome put in the plants!

And in parallel Transport for London put in some cycle racks to prevent the parking problems.

The plan is in July to completely green the front adding to the look of the place but also helping with air quality and biodiversity.

Of course some people haven’t quite got the message yet and this motorist keeps moving the planter…if you know them have a word!

Cllr. Jon Davies.

2 thoughts on “Great oaks…

  1. Very nice…. maybe a little note on the car from housing reminding the driver that parking on the pavement in London is illegal…. fines can be given in most circumstances…


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