Tesco’s – don’t believe the hype, as far as local customers go we really don’t count.

Behind the scenes as local councillors and with our MP Florence Eshalomi we have been banging our heads against a brick wall with Tescos.

In a nutshell they are reducing the number of vital free access cash machines from two to one in the new store and axing the free bus service that operates for local people, often old, frail or with some sort of disability. They say demand has gone down – I wonder if they have noticed Covid?

In addition when they did the transfer to the temporary store they closed for six weeks for their own convenience rather than providing a seamless service which with a bit of planning and spending they could easily have done.

I am cross. and this made me crosser, the Newsletter from the Berkeley Homes people has just come out and says:

So the ‘excellent facility’ will be er… what the same more or less as we have now?

If you believe they should think again about the cash machines, the buses or anything else please let their head of PR know:

Here is her email: jessica.mcculloch1@tesco.com

And sign the petition to keep the bus going here

Cllr. Jon Davies

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