Not exactly Time Team

My attempt to emulate fellow Labour Councillor Tony Robinson by observing great archaeological discoveries at the Museum of London dig on the site of soon-to-be -developed Graphite Square in Worgan Square was fun but a tad disappointing.

All credit to those working on the site. They had dug BIG holes but as you can see the results (held in their hands) were less than spectacular. The building was once the site of the Myers Bed factory and from the archaeological evidence seems to have been in industrial use from the mid 19th century onwards. So lots of foundations, drains and concrete…

There were some shards of pottery and broken clay pipes but alas nothing to make any headlines.

Thanks to Michael, Mark and Andy who showed me round and the team from the Museum of London. There was another day or two left of the dig so perhaps a missing monarch or hoard of treasure might turn up at the last moment?

Cllr. Jon Davies.

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