Spare a thought for our drivers

I though I would share this information from our cabinet member for lorries (and lots of other things) Cllr. Danny Adilypour as it explains a few things you may have been affected by:

I know a number of you have had concerns raised with you recently by residents regarding street cleaning, so I thought it would be helpful to share an update on the current situation.
The well-known national shortage of HGV drivers and less advertised shortage of operatives is having an impact on the street cleaning operation. Core services such as refuse, recycling, food, and garden waste continue to be delivered without major issues.
However the street cleaning system has had to be redesigned due to the current lack of availability of drivers. This means bringing in additional agency staff in order to have enough capacity to cover the borough and maintain cleaning at an acceptable standard.
The autumn leafing period where we would normally bring in an additional 20 staff has also increased the demand for operatives and agencies are having difficulty providing us with the required number of agency staff.   These staffing issues are all linked to C-19 and Brexit. Neighbouring boroughs are also all struggling to recruit agency staff to deal with the leafing period, and some boroughs are not even managing to maintain staff levels to get their core services out.   Leafing is currently taking priority as wet leaves can become a health and safety issue and can increase the risk of flooding if they are covering gullies.
As the leafing period draws to an end in December and we move into the quieter winter period the plan is to retain enough agency staff and focus on a street cleaning operation that delivers the standard we require. This will allow us to get on top of weeds, deep clean, stay on top of litter and ensure public litter bins are emptied more frequently.

And in case you missed it local resident Will Self imagined himself as a black refuse sack and traced his path to being incinerated in a really lovely BBC radio piece: Will-o-the-dump LIsten to it HERE

For me the big message is remember to say hello and thanks to the workforce from time to time they get a lot of criticism and abuse so love a bit of appreciation. We need them!

Cllr. Jon Davies.

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