More about trees and leaves

This from Jason Prentis who many of you will know…

Seasonal challenges

We love our trees of course, except that they have this inconvenient autumnal habit of covering our pavements in leaves. Five fully grown trees will produce a million leaves between them, and altogether the borough’s trees shed over 100 tonnes of leaves every year. Dealing with this annual deluge is a mammoth task. As usual, additional resources have been deployed to enhance the service already provided by the regular sweepers. These resources tend to concentrate on areas where there are high numbers of large trees. In these areas, a sweeper can fill a bag with leaves every few metres. 

In recognition of the enormity of the task, volunteers have been coming out to help, particularly in Kennington, where ward Cllrs organise a team of volunteers using equipment provided by Serco. I’ve also been contacted by Neighbourhood Champions who want to help clear their pavements of leaves, and Serco have confirmed that they’re able to support this activity by providing equipment. If you’re interested in getting involved, please get in touch with me and I’ll organise it with you.

Report any issues on:

Cllr. Jon Davies

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