Woodlands redevelopment statement

Cllr. Amos and I have discussed the most recent application for the development of the old Woodlands nursing home next to the Cinema Museum and will in due course be making more detailed representations in cooperation with our colleague and planning expert Cllr. Simpson.

For the moment we would like to state for the record the following:

As local councillors we welcome some of the changes from the original plans but still feel it is too big a development for this site. We will not, therefore, be supporting it.

This is an illustration from the local Stop The Blocks campaign website. If the developers Anthology/Life Story would like to offer a similar perspective we would be happy to add it out of fairness but we could not find one on their site.

If you would like to see the detailed plans and make your own observations go to the Lambeth Planning site. The official deadline is December 31st although comments can be made later if necessary.

Cllrs David Amos and Jon Davies

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