Knock me over with a feather (recycled) but…

Lambeth residents really want to recycle.

Lambeth residents are inner London’s best recyclers

Lambeth’s recycling rate has rocketed to 36.4 per cent, up from 31.7 per cent, in the latest figures released by Defra following a series of new initiatives to boost the borough’s rates. The figures cover from April 2020 to March this year, and the increase almost five per cent makes Lambeth the fourth most improved out of all 338 local authorities in England, making Lambeth’s residents officially inner London’s best recyclers.

It still seems quite low to me but to put it in context when in 1986 I was the councillor in charge of, amongst many things, refuse, recycling equalled bottle and paper banks. Full stop.

I challenged this, I was and am one of nature’s recyclers, and asked why we could not do home-based recycling. I was told ‘ this was the sort of thing Germans did – it would never work here!’.

36 years later we have made significant progress but day-to-day our systems are still catching up with way we have too few recycling bins as compared to the general waste collections. This leads to the communal bins on estates and roads filling up rapidly next to empty ‘general waste’ ones.

So lots of room for improvement.

Postal issues

I have had complaints about post not being delivered. I believe this is owing to Covid illnesses and the resulting lack of staff. Getting news from the Post Office is impossible but today, after a few days of no deliveries, I received about twenty letters – OK so most of them were for my three neighbours (duly delivered) but it offers hope.

Cllr. Jon Davies.

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