The long summer coming to an end

Amazing weather for once made this a summer to remember especially for the younger amongst us.

But the biggest drought locally might have been David Amos’s weekly newsletter. Fear not it will be back soon in all its glory, and councillors surgeries start again from September 1st.

Thanks to everyone who organised activities over the summer to keep us amused. I popped in on the last day of the VGERTA summer scheme for children and young people. It has gone well and what a great group of organisers and volunteers.

As a reminder of all the fun the participants designed their own t-shirts.

20180830_123846 20180830_123911

Sullivan Road barrier

The closure of Dante Road on an experimental basis may have calmed Brook Drive but has also raised some opposing ideas one of which is re-opening the long-established gate on Sullivan Road to traffic.

As local councillors we have considered this but are 100% opposed.

If you support the retention of the Dante Road closure don’t be shy let Southwark Council know at

And if you support the idea of the Tranquil Triangle i.e. restricting through =-traffic in the area bounder by Brook Drive, Kennington Lane and Kennington Road sign the petition that I will be presenting to Lambeth Council:

Cllr. Jon Davies

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