Echoes of Grenfell

Since the tragedy at Grenfell Towers the construction world has been taking a long hard look at its building regulations and how such a tragedy could have happened in 21st century Britain.

Lambeth has been surveying all its housing that could be affected and an extensive programme of works has started and will continue for many months if not years. We need to ensure that fire risks are eliminated as far as this is ever possible.

One aspect of this is to remove gas mains form the inside of our tower blocks and work has started on Hayman’s Point on Vauxhall Gardens Estate to move the gas mains to the outside of the building. The site manager Steve is always there to help and can be contacted on 0739 2083 987.


There will always be issues when such a big job is undertaken. Loss of light to the outside areas, especially at night, disturbance during the day which will affect night workers in particular, and issues of security during the four months of the works.

At a site visit on the 21st of February with local Tenant’s rep Jean Barker and Earl Richards Lambeth’s head of gas (not of the political variety), we looked at all the issues including work vehicles blocking the dustcarts, local safety and found four Tesco trolleys.

If you have any issues let us know.

Similar scaffolding may well be appearing on the tower blocks on the Ethelred Estate where fire safety issues are bing addressed.

Cllr Jon Davies

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