The shape of things to come?

Princes Ward is likely to be a bit of a building site for the foreseeable future. Here are schemes we know about:

  • 8 Albert Embankment/The Fire Station
  • Woodlands/The Cinema Museum, Renfrew Road
  • Graphite Square on Worgan Street
  • Proposals for the Jewson’s site on Kennington Lane
  • Proposals for Vanburgh Court
  • The redevelopment of Knight’s Walk
  • The Texaco Site on the Embankment
  • Rumours of the Texaco Petrol Station on Kennington Road wanting to sell up.

All or most of these have had their planning controversies and right next door to us the old gasworks next to the Oval is due to be developed and will include the demolition and replacement (albeit shrunk) of the Tesco store.

The planning application is only one part of the challenge. What will be crucial is how these developments are built.

  • How will noise and disruption be minimised?
  • How will the developers keep local people informed and consulted?
  • How can people complain when things go wrong?
  • Will local people be employed or trained on these sites?

With Berkeley homes about to develop the old gasworks and the Tesco store over the road in Oval Ward in a scheme that will list about eight years I visited one of their sites to see what their operation looks like.IMG_7652

This is part of the site next to Battersea Power Station where (and I lose count) hundreds of new homes are being built in about a dozen medium rise blocks. A two bedroom flat here will set you back about a million but this is Wandsworth!

It is one a several sites I have visited recently and like the others I can report that they are safe and well managed. Times have changed for the site crews from the 60’s way of working.

This site had some similarities, the ground was contaminated for instance, but has very few people living nearby. But there will be disruption not least from all the lorry trips that will be needed.

As your local councillors we are concerned that any developments take notice of their neighbours and that construction doesn’t ruin people’s enjoyment of their lives.

Cllr. Jon Davies

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