London’s bridges to get lighting makeover


I met Ciron Edwards of the Illuminated River Foundation this morning to hear about plans to give an artistic touch up to London’s river bridges.

The History of the project

The project is a ‘gift to London’ by private backers including the Rothschild Foundation and is supported by the Mayor of London. The Illuminated River Foundation is the charity set up to deliver the project. Waterloo Bridge was the first idea for improvements but one thing led to another and there is now a project to improve the lighting in bridges spreading from Tower Bridge right up to Wandsworth. Definitely NOT the Garden Bridge!

As I write, lighting, designed by the artist  Leo Villareal, is being installed under London, Cannon Street, Southwark and the Millennium (wobbly) bridges.

Our turn will follow next year when Blackfriars, Waterloo, Jubilee, Westminster and Lambeth Bridges get the treatment.

There are animated videos of what they will look like on the website.

The scope

Ciron told me that this is a major international art project that will, when completed, spread over four and a half miles, and if joined up end-to-end would consist of two and a half miles of lights. The installation is meant to have a life of at least 10 years.

More details here:

How to get involved

As part of the scheme there is a community fund to promote activities around the project and funds will be available to schools, community groups and individuals. For example the Ramblers will be doing special riverside walks.

More details when we get them.

Cllr. Jon Davies.

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