Getting that triangle tranquil!

Readers will remember that Southwark Council is experimenting with closing Dante Road to through-traffic for a year to stop the traffic chaos in Brook Drive. This is likely to be going in during the next fortnight. So far so good and we’ll see how that works out.

BUT there is a strong chance that the cars and lorries may transfer to Renfrew Road, Gilbert Road, Wincott Street and Reedworth Street using them as shortcuts.

Local residents have petitioned for a similar closure to prevent this happening, even on a temporary basis to see what happens.

There are also likely to be more traffic pressures on these roads when the building starts on Knight’s Walk and next to the Cinema Museum.

So please come along if you can to the meeting:

Wednesday June 27th at 7.30pm at Archbishop Sumner’s School.

I hope to see you there, Cllr Jon Davies

poster for TT meeting

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